App of the week: Grooveshark Remote

android app of the weekI have just spent the last 45 minutes creating this fancy icon for my new feature “App of the week” so I hope you like it.

Every week I get the chance I will list my favourite app for Android. Be it free or paid it will go up and I will attempt to explain what it is exactly that makes this app so very special.

App: Grooveshark Remote
Cost: FREE / 99p for add-free + more features
Developer: Ben Kay
Developer page:

grooveshark remote for android 1This week I start off with Grooveshark Remote. For those who haven’t seen or heard about Grooveshark then check out my video review on YouTube. To cut to the chase, Grooveshark is a cheaper alternative to Spotify. Whereas Spotify is £9.99 a month for use on a mobile device, Grooveshark equates to about £20 a year.

Grooveshark Remote basically allows you to control Grooveshark running on your PC/Mac via your HTC Desire. This means you can choose, skip, pause and play songs without even getting off your chair. This is great for lazy people like me who like to change the current track whilst in the kitchen for example.

The free version has ads and doesn’t allow you to control the volume but the paid version removes ads and unlocks the volume feature. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot for 99p but not only was the volume feature one I really wanted but the developer promises to add more features in an upcoming version.

grooveshark remote for android 2Who knows, maybe in the future you’ll be able to ‘favourite’ and have even more control over your tracks. I’d certainly recommend giving the free trial a go at least.

If there is album artwork then it is displayed on your handset and the main screen has the previous, pause and skip buttons on. Using your phone’s volume control will control the output of the volume from your Grooveshark web application. Note this app only works with the web version of Grooveshark because it uses a browser plugin – not a problem though because all your playlists from the Dekstop Grooveshark application are all saved online. Clicking on the album art takes you to your playlist so you can quickly switch between songs.

From this screen you can also control repeat all, one or none and also the shuffle mode.

There are a few kinks that’ll need to be worked out but this is definitely an app that’ll get re-installed whenever I wipe my phone.


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