App of the week: Pulse News

android app of the weekApp: Pulse News
Cost: FREE
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This week I have been mostly using Pulse News. Now normally, reading news on your mobile phone is a pretty boring task. Pulse News takes that and makes it, dare I say, ‘sexy’ [giggles like a school girl].

Pulse News 1This free app will combine your news feeds and bring them to you in a way that makes them interesting to read. Combining pictures and text in the feed and allowing you to quickly browse through articles is Pulse News’ strong point. Want to read an item? Just tap it and the feed you selected slides down to the bottom of the screen to reveal the article. It’s a pretty slick interface to say the least.

Each feed can be scrolled through horizontally with the flick of your finger and this works well in both portrait and horizontal mode.

Pulse News comes with a huge library of popular and interesting feeds built-in but what makes it better is the Google Reader import. If you use Google Reader to store your RSS feeds then it’s just a case of adding in as many or a few of your feeds as you want. This negates the need to tediously add in each of your favourite feeds manually, one by one, by inserting the URL.

You can have multiple pages of feeds so you could split them depending on subject or preference and, with 12 feeds per page, you can have up to 60 feeds in total. The usual sharing links are given so you can post a news article to your Facebook, Twitter, E-mail or text.

The app is being updated frequently at the time of writing to improve performance and speed. I have noticed it stutter a bit when scrolling around but if these issues can be ironed out then this is definitely going to be the best RSS reader out there.

Check out some more screenshots below and be sure to give the app a try – you’ve got nothing to lose!

Pulse News 2Pulse News 3Pulse News 4


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4 Responses to “App of the week: Pulse News”

  1. Simon Says:

    Great app, but I hate not being able to delete pages “/ Preferred it before the updates!

    • Jon Says:

      How do you mean? The pages that show the various feeds could be removed previously?

      • Simon Says:

        I don’t like how you’re forced to have 5 pages, and you can’t delete any. I would only want 3 at most, having loads of pages just makes it more difficult to scan through articles for me :\ Before the recent updates there was only 1 page and all you had to do was scroll down to get to what you wanted “/

      • Jon Says:

        Ah I see. Being a fairly new adopter of Pulse I hadn’t realised it had changed like that recently. It’s perhaps to save on memory because I presume having say 30 feeds on a single page would be quite slow when compared to 10 feeds over 3 pages…? Just a guess – I’m not a developer! 😉

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