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Getting my HTC Desire S tomorrow!

May 31, 2011
HTC Desire S

Should get mine on Wednesday hopefully!

OK so I missed out on the Dialaphone offer for a brand new HTC Desire S for £240 which made me quite 😦 so to make myself 🙂 again I brought one off eBay instead 😀

I know I myself said not to bother getting the Desire S if you already own a Desire but I have three good reasons:

  1. I’m off to the States soon and need to be able to navigate over there without a data connection (thank you pre-cached Google Maps)
  2. I need more space to be able to install apps for reviewing. A lot of the newer games from Gameloft and the likes require quite large 25MB apk files to sit on your phone memory. The Desire and it’s measly 80MB or so internal memory on a clean wipe just isn’t enough for me anymore. When playing with a Desire S the other week I noticed the 1GB free internal memory and almost wept with jealousy.
  3. I have a disposable income 🙂

So you can see it was an easy choice to make. I will be sure to compare the two phones for speed and spec before mine gets put on eBay and I’m already stocking up on spare batteries for the S so I shouldn’t get caught short in America when I’m travelling.

Also, it’s something to tide me by while I wait for my contract with T-Mobile to expire and be offered the HTC Sensation.


Plants Vs Zombies for Android now available to download for free!

May 31, 2011

Finally, after months and months of waiting; Plants Vs Zombies is finally out on Android and best of all, today only, it’s FREE (usual price is $2.99)!

Here’s the bad news: it’s only available via the Amazon App Store.

BUT, here’s the good news: even if you don’t live in the UK you can still get Amazon App Store working on your Android phone. There are some instructions here on how to get the Amazon App Store UK working on your Android phone.

HTC Desire S FREE handset £10/month for 24 months

May 21, 2011

OK I’ve just seen this crazy deal that Dialaphone have on currently.

You can get a Desire S for free on a 24 month contract at just £10/month!!

This equates to £240 (god I’m good at maths) over the two years which is absolutely nothing. Also consider that the handset is probably unlocked and these things sell for more than that on eBay! Not only that, if you go through Quidco/Top Cashback you get £50 back meaning the total cost would be £190!!

It’s with Orange and you get 30 minutes, unlimited texts and 100MB of Internet.

Now if I just slip my T-Mobile SIM in I’ll be laughing. Yeah OK so I ordered one. I know I said I wouldn’t ever get one but that’s before I saw this ridiculous offer (equipped with the fact I played with one the other day). Also, I’m spoiling myself – why? Well why the hell not 🙂

HTC Desire S

Should get mine on Tuesday hopefully!

(I found this via the fantastic site so thanks to Stuart9787 for bringing it to my attention!)

[edit] 23rd May 2011

I have just been contacted by Dialaphone with the following message:

To which I replied:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding my order for the HTC Desire S.
I am aware you must be having stock shortages due to the fantastic offer you had so I’m quite happy to wait for the handset to come back into stock.
Thanks for taking the time to contact me,
Kind regards
I’m not sure whether Dialaphone should have to honour their advertised offer but I will wait and see what their reply is. It could well be that I won’t be getting a Desire S after all 😦 so may have to get the Sensation instead 😉

Plants Vs Zombies Android out tomorrow for US

May 16, 2011

PopCap announced earlier tonight that Plants Vs Zombies and Chuzzle would be exclusively hitting the Amazon App Store for US customers tomorrow (16h May) – for FREE!

This is very sad news for us European customers as the Amazon App Store is STILL not available to us. What have we done to be treated like this? PopCap have not announced if or when the games will be available through the Android Market which obviously has the larger user base. Perhaps like Angry Birday Rio it’ll just be an exclusive for a few weeks or something?

So close yet so far to having Plants Vs Zombies on my HTC Desire.

Plants Vs Zombies Android

It's in sight but not in reach just yet for UK users

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