Getting my HTC Desire S tomorrow!

HTC Desire S

Should get mine on Wednesday hopefully!

OK so I missed out on the Dialaphone offer for a brand new HTC Desire S for £240 which made me quite 😦 so to make myself 🙂 again I brought one off eBay instead 😀

I know I myself said not to bother getting the Desire S if you already own a Desire but I have three good reasons:

  1. I’m off to the States soon and need to be able to navigate over there without a data connection (thank you pre-cached Google Maps)
  2. I need more space to be able to install apps for reviewing. A lot of the newer games from Gameloft and the likes require quite large 25MB apk files to sit on your phone memory. The Desire and it’s measly 80MB or so internal memory on a clean wipe just isn’t enough for me anymore. When playing with a Desire S the other week I noticed the 1GB free internal memory and almost wept with jealousy.
  3. I have a disposable income 🙂

So you can see it was an easy choice to make. I will be sure to compare the two phones for speed and spec before mine gets put on eBay and I’m already stocking up on spare batteries for the S so I shouldn’t get caught short in America when I’m travelling.

Also, it’s something to tide me by while I wait for my contract with T-Mobile to expire and be offered the HTC Sensation.


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One Response to “Getting my HTC Desire S tomorrow!”

  1. vinay Says:

    If I were you, I would cancel the order using the provisions of distance selling regulations etc if you can cancel and buy a Samsung galaxy s2 instead. I have a HTC desire too and don’t plan on buying a phone with crap internal memory again (most HTC phones have low internal memory compared to phones from Samsung. Even the original galaxy s from a year ago has 1.8gb available for apps unlike the shit 147mb on the HTC desire. Even the newest HTC sensation can’t match a year old galaxy s for internal memory! If you want more space for apps without rooting or the sdk method then run away from HTC phones is the lesson I learnt after buying my desire.

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