HTC Desire vs HTC Desire S – Benchmarks, browser speed test and more [HD]

Hi folks, I’m back with another video today comparing my lovely HTC Desire with my shiny new Desire S. This is to complement the little write-up I did a month or so ago. Let me know what you think!

Next video coming up later in the week is the Plants vs Zombies Android review and walk-through!

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5 Responses to “HTC Desire vs HTC Desire S – Benchmarks, browser speed test and more [HD]”

  1. Mike Says:


  2. Malc Says:

    Helpfull review thanks. I am looking to dip my toe in the smartphone world, I really like the size and look of the Desire and it suits my budget. But have read to many reviews, my head hurts! Quick question. I will not be a smartphone slave, its a phone! But I am so looking forward to using gps Apps. Loads of reviews complain that you cant move apps onto the sd card, the internal memory becomes full very quickly. Is this a major issue for a newbie like me and if so is the S a better choice?

    • Jon Says:

      Yes and yes. The original Desire has barely any space to install even your most fundamental apps so I would definitely go for the Desire S if you can afford it. The price of the S may well come down again soon when HTC release their next batch of phones so keep looking 🙂

      • Malc Says:

        Thanks Jon. Sorry another quick question and again this is due to reading too many reveiws. The only other issue that keeps on cropping up with the S is the so called “Grip of Death” causing the loss of wifi and internet. Are you aware of it being a major problem?

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