69 Second Review – Airport Mania for Android

Airport Mania is a time-management sim from Amazon Digital Services.

For just 69p you get yourself a pretty and highly addictive game.

The premise is simple: land, unload and the reload your planes ready for take-off. Some planes need maintenance and some will need refuelling just to add to the chaos that awaits in the later levels.

As you progress and earn more money you can upgrade your airport. Upgrades include more holding bays, faster load/unload times for each gate and even a paint bay so you can strategically change the colour of the selected plane
to increase your multiplier.

The multiplier increases each time you land the plane of the same colour in the same gate. You can also get multipliers for landing planes on the same runway and also for planes that take off from the same runway.

There are 8 stages, or airports, to progress through each with 6,7 or 8 levels in each. You’ve gotta have your wits about you with this game as it soon gets frantic.

This is a great way to kill some time and you’ll definitely have that “just one more go” feeling each time you’ve finished a level.

Highly recommended.

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