HTC Desire S USB-bricked? Only charges via USB

HTC USB Sync cableWell, I found out last night that the USB port on my HTC Desire S may be “bricked”. I think the term bricked means not working correctly which it most certainly isn’t.

The symptoms are that plugging in with a USB cable to a computer only charges the phone. I cannot connect it as a disk drive or use HTC Sync etc anymore.

The reason I only noticed this the other day was because like most people – I don’t ever need to connect my Desire to a computer. Everything syncing wirelessly means the days of cables have all but gone. The reason I was trying to was because I wanted to try and root the phone.

I have tried several suggestions to fix this: different USB cables, USB ports, computers (PC and Mac), turning “fast boot” off, taking the battery out, taking the memory card out, ticking the box to ask the phone to prompt what type of connection I want when plugged in to USB — and nothing has helped.

I contacted HTC who told me to install the drivers on my PC to get a connection…hmh….argghhhh! How stupid can they be?

Anyway, the main thing is the phone is still under warranty. The person I brought it from on eBay included the original receipt/delivery note with the handset to I should be OK to get it repaired. The only problem is the receipt being in someone else’s name. The T-Mobile shop I phoned said I’d have to get the phone transferred into my name. I phoned T-Mobile customer service and they said I could just take it into the shop and get it repaired. Who do I trust? I think I may just have to take it in tomorrow and see what they say.

Let’s hope I just don’t brick the whole phone when I try and root it at some point 😉

[Update 6th August]

Just an update:

The T-Mobile store were useless. They wouldn’t help at all. Contacted the original eBay seller to ask them to try and transfer the phone into my name but T-Mobile wouldn’t comply!

Out of desperation (after experiencing their awful e-mail support) I gave HTC a call on their Global Warranty Service hotline: (+44 1279 206906)

The service was outstanding. Asked a few questions, didn’t patronise me and they spoke English I could understand!! Less than 10 minutes on the phone to them and he’d already booked UPS to come and collect the phone to be repaired this Monday from 1pm (from my work address too).

HTC phone support: AMAZING.


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8 Responses to “HTC Desire S USB-bricked? Only charges via USB”

  1. Dave Says:

    No offence, but bricked doesn’t mean ‘not working properly’, it means that it is well and truly buggered beyond belief, as in NOTHING works. If it can still charge, then it isn’t ‘bricked’ as such.

    However, sounds like you’re quite lucky to have got the original sales receipt with it, I’m sure you can just send it to HTC and they’ll fix it. Be aware though, the almost ALWAYS try and tell you that the hardware fault is due to some kind of water damage (even if it has never been near water). I’d advise reassuring them that it has been very well cared for and hinting that it has never been near any water, not even rain. Can’t help to be too careful 😉

    Hope it gets sorted out though, it’s a great phone!

    • Jon Says:

      Hi, no offence taken – I know what “bricked” means (I did that to my N97 ;)) but USB-bricked seems it might be something different (so the XDA Developers Forums seem to make out). I could well be completely wrong however 😉

      I have contacted the original seller to see if they’d mind ‘transferring’ the phone into my name if needs be so hopefully I’ll hear back from them soon.

      T-Mobile twitter support seems to be good at responding to my queries so hopefully I’ll get something sorted 🙂

  2. Mike Says:

    Same issue with my Desire.

    • Jon Says:

      That’s not good. Can you think of whether the function ever worked on your phone? I’m 90% sure mine did when I first had the handset.

      I dock my phone a lot in a desk stand and I’m wondering whether the plugging/unplugging of the phone in the USB port isn’t helping things…

  3. Mike Says:

    I think the issue relates to the assigned drive ‘letter’ changing from time to time because its not permanently plugged in. Today when I changed it to be recognised as a disk drive it worked but probably because some of my external hard drives are not switched on. Might pay to try that and then assign a new letter (from the end of the alphabet!).

    • Jon Says:

      Hi Mike, yes that would be one solution but my PC didn’t even know a new device had been plugged in – let alone have time to try and assign it a drive letter! Luckily, I have had success with HTC which is updated in the post above.

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