What should I use as my temporary phone?

Well my poor little HTC Desire S will be shipped off tomorrow by UPS to HTC repairs. This is to have the USB socket/mainboard repaired as I mentioned in my previous post.

It can take up to 7 working days for the repair to be done so that’s more than a week I’ll be without my phone 😦

I have a couple of phones I can use in this time of mourning – firstly I still have my Nokia N95. This  was a great little phone in its time but now, with the demise of Nokia, Ovi and S60, it might be a bit old-hat.

I also have a new Nokia 6303 Classic phone. This runs a custom S40 6th Edition.

Do I want to just forget about having a decent phone and use the Classic or should I attempt to be able to tweet and update my Google+ on my ancient N95?

Beauty and the Beast - or just Beast?

Beauty and the Beast - or just Beast?


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5 Responses to “What should I use as my temporary phone?”

  1. Jaggy Says:

    I’ve still got my old N95 just in case anything happens to my Nexus S in the next 9 months. It still has one of the best cameras I’ve had on a phone and the phone itself was a market leader at the time. I’m not sure I’d want to use it again for any length of time, but it would be a capable short term stand-in to keep you connected. I’d still rather have that than a plain old “feature phone”.

    • Jon Says:

      It’s interesting how many people I know who have kept their N95s. I think it’s a bit like the Sega Dreamcast thing – they were so good no one wants to have to sell them so they keep them stored somewhere ‘just in case’.

      I remember the camera being great as well.

      I’ve actually got it charging up at the moment so will have a play with it soon…;)

  2. NiXC Says:

    Incredible! I’ve literally just gone through this myself. I broke the power socket on my HTC Desire a few weeks ago and finally sent it off to be repaired last week. Got it back on Saturday morning to my relief, but whilst it was away I had the fortune to get to use my old Nokia E52. I’d forgotten just how awesome that thing was. And with wireless, 3G, and bluetooth switched on I still only had to charge it once!!! Certainly for me the E52 would be like having an N95 for you I guess (albeit without the extreme battery life) but why not go back to the classic – that way when you get your Android back you’re appreciate your it just that much more 🙂

    • Jon Says:

      Wow that’s amazing. I wonder whether we’ll see more people experiencing similar problems. Could it be a design flaw? How exactly did your connection stop working?

      I suppose I should ‘look forward’ to using my old N95. It’ll certainly bring back some good memories. Funnily enough when I last used it I remembered exactly how it worked. It was a bit like riding a bike. I must say I will certainly miss my Sense features though 😉

      Battery life will be interesting. Not having to dock the phone every night will feel a bit odd!

  3. What should I use as my temporary phone? | PDA8 Says:

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