Day 3 without my HTC Desire S and with my Nokia N95

It's old, it's chunky but it's damn good

Well, it’s been 3 days since I sent off my HTC Desire S for repair and going back to my N95 hasn’t caused as many problems as I feared it might.

Firstly – wow: what a fantastic little phone. I remember it was good but had forgotten just how good it was.

The thing I’ve missed since getting a Desire is definitely the physical buttons for texting. I send a lot of texts and can  type very quickly with physical buttons andb T9 turned on. I can still type fast on a touch screen but nowhere near as quick as on a keypad. The other benefit of having a keypad is you can type whilst not looking at the phone. I’m not trying to show off honest! This is something I could and still can do with the phone. Because you can tell which button is where you can easily type whilst walking along and not looking at the screen. Granted you may have a few predictive errors but you learn to know which words need correcting after a while.

Secondly, the two speakers on this handset are awesome. I hate saying awesome but there is not other word to describe them. Compared to the Desire’s and Desire S’ single small speaker they win hands down.

The next thing to talk about is apps. Have I missed any apps? Yes, of course I have. Nokia phones and their current Ovi Store just don’t compare to the Android Market at all. That being said however I was surprised to find nearly all I needed was freely available. From Tweets60 for Twitter to Spotify and the BBC iPlayer I found everything I’d need to keep me by for the next few days.

I think, in all honesty, the thing that would stop me from using this phone permanently are as follows:

No wireless syncing – Data such as contacts and bookmarks can’t be synced over the air. I managed to find a great app called GoogaSync which I have on a 14 day trial (long enough for the time I’ll be using it) which syncs with my Google calendar. It brings back memories of the days with Nokia PC Suite and the likes. This was never ideal. Having my Desire sync constantly over the air so all my data is backed up and current really is something I would hate living without.

Speed – the speed of the phone does show its age in comparison to newer handsets. Boot-up time is extremely quick and takes around 15 seconds compare to around 60 for the Desire. It does obviously have a lot less to load. The web browser is incredibly slow and basically unusable on any site that isn’t tailored for a mobile handset.

Apps – although we can all live without apps it’s not as fun is it? The Ovi Store will close soon and then the older Nokia phones will have to rely on websites to get their new (or old?) games and apps. This is a shame because you can already tell developers have pretty much stopped developing for it. Spotify although works very well is not as up to date as the Android version (scrobbling is not supported). The cost of some of the applications are extortionate as well.

At the end of the day there is obviously no way I’d give up my Desire S. Everything is just less clunky and more “up to date”. I’ll probably still keep my N95 just for old times sake (and to put my Orange SIM in for Orange Wednesdays) but I am looking forward to my repaired Desire S being back with me soon.


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4 Responses to “Day 3 without my HTC Desire S and with my Nokia N95”

  1. Jaggy Says:

    I seem to remember having my Gmail contacts syncing wireless by using Exchange, which is built in to S60. You have to manually enter a lot of settings which I think I got from Gmail’s help pages. So there’s a thing, if you can be bothered for the couple of days you’ll need it.

    • Jon Says:

      Oh right, interesting. It’s good to know for sure but my phone should be back tomorrow hopefully so I’m sure I’ll manage a few more hours 😉

  2. munkeycop Says:

    Ah yes, the Nokia N95. The last phone I had before I bought my HTC Desire. There’s a great Twitter client for it called Gravity which I was very fond of. It had a lovely scrolling interface that was easily just as good as any iPhone app at that time.
    Such a shame Nokia aren’t the force they used to be (for premier handsets anyway).

    • Jon Says:

      Yes I did purchase Gravity back in the old days. I had the license transferred over to my N97 however (which I don’t have anymore) so I couldn’t be bothered to get the license transferred back to my N95 for just a few days.

      Nokia were a victim of their own success. They failed to see what was happening around them until it was too late. S60 was great but too clunky compared to what was popping up around it.

      That’s a whole other discussion though 😉

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