Android app downloads to overtake iOS for the first time

Android salesWow this is good news. Techradar are reporting that the total number of Android downloads will be 8.1 billion – that’s 8100000000 downloads. Compared with 2010 which saw 1.4 billion, that’s quite a substantial jump.

Thanks to bigger named developers jumping on-board the open-source Android platform iOS users can no longer boast they have the best apps. I’ve certainly found myself playing more high quality games recently on my phone compared to say a year ago.

What was the last app you downloaded? Was it any good? My last app will soon become this weeks “App of the Week” which I haven’t done for a while so watch this space…

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3 Responses to “Android app downloads to overtake iOS for the first time”

  1. Charlie Says:

    Glad to of come accross this site blog. Keep it going man. I too am own an HTC Desire phone and am from the UK. I really hope the Android market over hear improves and gets better apps and games overtime. I am sick of how my Iphone mates show off due to the amount of apps they get. It’s so unfair. Also, I am still waiting for my Plant VS Zombies & Peggle god damn it Popcap. I heard these have been released already in the US so why not over here too?
    Also want to see Jetpack Joyride get a release. 😦 Iphone as a phone is so overrated but they are getting all the best apps, it winds me up. As of now, my favourite apps on this stylish phone are Ebay, Gmail, Paypal, Cut The Rope, Angry Birds, & Mahjong Girls Koimei Sisters.

    I’ll be checking up on this site for all the latest news in regards to my lovely smartphone. Thank you mr blogger.

  2. HTC Desire S ohne Vertrag Says:

    HTC Desire S ohne Vertrag…

    […]Android app downloads to overtake iOS for the first time « HTC Desire Fanatics[…]…

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