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Why I won’t be getting an HTC One S or X

May 19, 2012

htconesWell my friends, the decision time has come and gone. The decision has been made.

I thought long and hard as to whether I should get the HTC One S or X and I’m just not ‘feeling the love’ for the new One series of handsets.

It’s time for a new experience.

Since the Desire range of phones has now hung up its coat I was quite excited in the build up to the new One series. Great previews, impressive performance, lovely displays and ICS out the box. What’s not to like? Well nothing really but what’s to love? Again, nothing.

Having had a rooted Desire S for as long as I can remember having it I’ve had and played with ICS with Sense for a long time. Upon rushing to the shops to try out the latest One series devices I was somewhat underwhelmed. “Oh” I thought. “Well, this is just the same as my Desire S but slightly bigger and minus a removable battery.”

So, I’d like to just list a few reasons I’m not getting one of the new HTC One series phones.


I must admit the removable battery was a big thing for me. Why haven’t HTC included in their latest line up? I decided to hold out and wait to see what Samsung offered with their new handset and, thankfully, they have included the ability to replace the battery at will. I don’t want to have to worry about where my next power source is coming from. If I have a spare battery to hand I never need to worry.

I often come home and have around 40/50% battery remaining. This is fine to carry me through the night without too much messing around but what if I want to watch a video or listen to some music whilst browsing the web? I would almost definitely have to replace the battery before the night is over. I don’t want to be tethered to a wire whilst doing these things. It’s a lot easier to just swap my battery over when I get in and I’ve got 100% ready to go.


HTC Sense is great – I have no problem with it (apart from it being a bit slow). It has everything I’ve needed at the touch of a button but it just feels a bit old-hat now. I want to try something new and Samsung’s Touch Whiz interface is likely to be the one I try. I’ve heard plenty of bad things about it but then people have plenty bad to say about HTC’s Sense as well.


There was something about the design of the One S and One X which didn’t really get the juices going.

One S – The One S just looks like my Desire S but with a slightly bigger screen. OK I know the innards are very good but it’s just like the same body on new hardware.

One X – The One X I don’t mind the look of too much. It does look slightly cheap in the white version but the carbon/grey version just looks like a HUGE version of the Desire S. Not pretty really.

The design of the Galaxy S3 just looks nicer. It looks clean, solid and fresh. The ‘pebble like’ smoothness and curves


Samsung are known for having good lenses in their phones and I trust their new sensor will be better than HTC’s. I have always managed with my Desire S’ camera but it’s never felt quite there in terms of being a great photo producer. The new HTC One series both have great cameras but sadly Samsung’s Galaxy S3 matches this.



I think Samsung really have put more effort into the S3 when compared to HTC with the One series. OK so you can take photos whilst recording a video (big deal – who really wants to do this?) and um.. well you’ve got Sense 4 but what else? What other little software features will make you go ‘wow’ ?

The Galaxy S3 has some really nice sounding features all of which start with the letter ‘S’. The one I’m most interested in is the “Smart Stay” (great translation btw guys) which keeps the screen on if it detects you’re looking at the phone. How many times have you had the screen turn off when you’re reading a web page?

Another nice little feature is the “Smart alert” which will vibrate the phone slightly when you pick it up if you have a missed call/message. How useful would that be? It’d save you constantly unlocking your phone and checking your status bar.

It’s these little innovations that interest me. I’m not bothered about “S Voice” or sharing photos instantly on network sites. Who wants to really stand around and talk to their phone as if it’s quicker than just pressing a single icon on your home screen?

So there are just a few reasons I will be jumping off the lovely and enjoyable HTC ship and joining the Samsung crew. This doesn’t make me a bad person, just someone looking for something a bit new.


So what does this mean for the Desire Fanatics site? Well I’ll still be here (unless I go under a bus) and am always happy to help out if and when I can. I’ll still post up any new videos I make and if you need someone to chat to just drop me a line. I will be setting up a new Blog which you can find here so do check it out (if you want)

It’s been a great 2 years and I want to thank every one of you for making this a fun and enjoyable experience. Anyone who has ever read one of my articles, commented on a video or sent me some hate mail – I love you all.



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