About HTC Fanatics

I’ve been a Nokia user for a good few years now but have gotten rather excited about the new Android system. So much so in fact, I’m going to ditch my N97 in April and get my hands on an HTC Desire. Goodbye S60 and hello Android.


4 Responses to “About HTC Fanatics”

  1. Kieran Alger Says:

    Hi, Just going through some of our referrers and saw you’d linked to us. Wanted to say thanks. And also nice site.

    Also thought you might like to know that the Desire is up for a couple of Awards in the newly launched T3 Gadget Awards


    Kieran Alger
    T3.com Editor

    • Jon Says:

      Thanks Kieran, I subscribe to your magazine so get plenty of news and updates through my inbox from you guys – keep up the good work.

      Will post the news on the blog asap.

  2. Mark Mayne Says:

    We noticed that you guys ran a story on the T3 Gadget Awards either recently or in the last year and we thought you’d be interested in an update.

    After a record breaking 300,000 votes, the finalists have just been announced in most important tech awards in the UK. Users are now able to vote for the products they’d like to scoop the Awards.

    The HTC Desire has made it into the shortlist in 3 categories, here are some links of the headlines you might be interested in:





    Mark Mayne

  3. di0mindset Says:

    Hey Kieran!

    If you are interested in a partnership programs you can check this page!
    I think your resource will be great for them.
    Pretty stable earnings.



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