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The HTC Desire battery test – A day without a charge

April 8, 2010

[Update: 29/10/2010 I have now done a new test to update how the HTC Desire battery fares running under Froyo. Click here to read more ]

Today I’ve decided to put my HTC Desire through its paces and leave my charger at home to see how the battery does.

I feel rather vulnerable without a charger but I can’t always carry one around with me so it’ll be a good test.

Today I have the following settings:

Fully charged at 9am.
Screen: Medium brightness
WiFi: ON
Syncing: ON
Bluetooth: OFF
FriendStream: ON

So currently my phone has a connection to my WiFi network and can sync as and when required.  I will update this post throughout the day with the battery level for those who are sad enough to care.

09:00 100% fully charged and raring to go!

11:00 87% remaining – Listened to the radio on the walk into work. I’ve made a few phone calls, sent some tweets and taken a few photos (whilst it’s sunny). Still plenty of juice left before I am reunited with the safety that is my phone charger.

13:00 80% remaining, sent loads more texts and had a couple of calls, checked and read e-mails. Still plenty left to get me through the day.

14:00 75% left. Have only used the phone to send about 10 text messages and read new e-mails. Also, I have just started downloading the Guitar Hero 5 Demo (although the Market seems to be down 😉 )

17:00 52% remaining. I don’t think the phone’s done too badly today. I’ve used it pretty well and since the last post at 14:00 I’ve taken quite a long video on the phone and some photos as well as the usual texting and e-mailing. Even had time to play Guitar Hero too (which wasn’t that amazing)

I will leave my phone off-charge until I retire tonight and see how far I get. I’m pretty sure it’ll be fine but it’ll be interesting [probably not] to see how ‘home’ use is different  to work usage.

At least you know that you can currently survive a work day with most of the bells and whistles turned on. (more…)


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