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A detailed HTC Desire review from UK T3 Magazine

March 31, 2010

T3 have published a more detailed review of the HTC Desire on their site. They have acknowledged that the Desire is an iPhone-beater (not killer because you can’t kill a phone that’s already sold millions can you?).

Here are a few snippets:

Right now, let’s put aside that dumb phrase “iPhone killer”. The fact that a phone is better than Apple’s all-conquering, landscape-changing, gadget-genre-inventing device doesn’t “kill” it, any more than Chelsea defeating Man United means that that particular football team is dispatched to the Araldite Glue League (Northern Area). But make no mistake: this phone is better than the iPhone.

As we mentioned, the Desire is one of the most powerful Android phones on offer, and it shows when you pick it up for the first time. It reacts to your slightest touch, slipping between home screens without a hint of slowdown, and allowing you to open multiple applications without destroying the user experience.




ThickButtons app for Android – the future of touchscreen typing?

March 22, 2010

I’ve had experience of typing on an iPhone with the standard portrait keyboard. It worked reasonably well but there were times you looked back at what you’d typed and it had numerous errors.

Just released on the Android Market is “ThickButtons”. This app promises to improve your touchscreen typing experience but using a predictive-predictive keyboard.

Not only does the app predict what you’re typing, giving you a selection of what word you might be thinking of, but it’ll also enlarge the keys of the next letters of the word you’re about the type. Pretty clever stuff really.

Check out the video for this free Market app below:


Something for the weekend: 8 minute HTC Desire Video

March 20, 2010

Just found a great little 8 minute video on YouTube showing off the HTC Desire and Legend – but mostly the Desire.

It’s not the usual MWC video where the rep just reads his script out; there’s actually a few diferent things he shows you and he certainly seems to know what he’s talking about. Makes a change at least!

Enjoy 🙂


HTC Desire vs Apple iPhone 3GS vs Nokia N900

March 16, 2010

This surely has to be the battle of the titans in the phone world? have posted an article where one of their staff has compared all three phones.

Most articles I’ve seen like this are normally biased towards a particular manufacturer or phone but I’d say that this is quite a fair comparison.

Read on for a few snippets:


Some new HD Desire videos to brighten up your day

March 14, 2010 have uploaded some lovely high definition videos of the HTC Desire – 3 of them in total.

Bonus: You don’t have to have a GCSE in German to understand the videos because there is no narration; just some cheesy sounding background music instead.

The first video shows off the main design of the HTC Desire which I’m sure most of you are sick of seeing by now so I’d recommend skipping to Parts 2 and 3. You’ll get to see the Desire’s applications up close and personal from Photos, News, Browser and more.

Part 1 – General look at the design of the phone

Part 2 – Pictures, Music and Browser

Part 3 – Weather, Camera, News and FM Radio

I suppose I should get off my laptop now and go visit my mum 😉


Searching your Desire by using written gestures

March 4, 2010

Google have announced that it’ll soon be possible to search your Android phone by using written gestures.

The article posted on Google Mobile’s Blog described how spoken queries aren’t always appropriate when out and about for example, so the “Gesture Search” app available for Android 2.0 + should solve this problem if you don’t fancy typing with the keyboard of course…

Gesture Search

Gesture Search - fad or useful? You decide.

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