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Goodbye Android Market :( Hello Google Play :)

March 7, 2012

Yes my friends, it’s true. It’s over. The Android Market is no more. But wait; Google Play launched today and guess what? It’s pretty much the same as the Android Market. Phew.

Googe Play is here today

Googe Play is here today


I wasn’t a fan of the name Google Play I must be honest. I think however it’ll probably grow on me.

Apparently, the name Android Market was not descriptive enough for…um…let’s call them simple people… too geeky-sounding perhaps? But either way, Google Play is coming to your handset and there’s nothing you can do about it*

So what will you notice? Well, not much to be honest. A new icon, new name and ‘all your entertainment in one place’. Google Play is to bring in Google Music to the app (not currently available in the UK) and then your Google Play app will be your central hub for entertainment.

Here is is in Google’s own words:

[Google Plus is] a digital entertainment destination where you can find, enjoy and share your favorite music, movies, books and apps on the web and on your Android phone or tablet. Google Play is entirely cloud-based so all your music, movies, books and apps are stored online, always available to you, and you never have to worry about losing them or moving them again.”

Basically it’s the same as before but a bit different – that doesn’t really make sense does it?

I think this lovely video will explain things a bit better:

Google Play released in the UK today! March 2012

So what do you have to do to get it? Well nothing actually. Your phone will update itself and rename things next time you load Android Market up so there’s nothing to do on your behalf. It’s currently rolling out across the US and UK so expect to see it soon.

*unless you throw your phone in a fish tank


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