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Google Maps Updated: 4.6.0 adds real-time Latitude updates and more

October 28, 2010

Google Maps Android iconGoogle have released a new update today for their Maps app.

The update improves the reviews system for Places and brings it more in-line with what you would see on your desktop computer. You can also now filter reviews to be from “around the web” or just from Google users.

You can also filter your Places searches by “Open now” or “Neighbourhood” as well as the standard Distance and Ratings.

This update also adds much-needed real-time Latitude updates. Google describe this better than I can:

In Latitude, you can also choose an experimental “Real-time updating” option from an individual Latitude friend’s profile page to help meet up with them by temporarily seeing faster location updates (friends must have Maps 4.6 and Android 2.2+).

The update is live right now so as soon as the Market is working again (;)) you can download and install the new version.



Google Maps UK Navigation now live and official

April 21, 2010

I think this has actually been out for a couple of days now I think about it but I’ll get onto that later.

All you need to know now is that version 4.11 (4156) does now support turn by turn Navigation on your HTC Desire.

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How to get Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation for the HTC Desire

April 19, 2010

Google Maps LogoFor reasons best known to Google, their turn-by-turn navigation is currently not available for beta testing in the UK.

This means you actually have to pay for CoPilot or actually, heaven forbid, read a map!

Thankfully though, there is a way round this by installing a slightly modified version of the Maps application… (more…)

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