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More details on the 3 HTC Desire launch

April 1, 2010
3 Three Logo

3 - Can you wait for the HTC Desire?

As I reported earlier, 3 have confirmed the launch date of 20th April. I didn’t think to check the 3 Blog for more info – but I just have.

It seems that due to demand, 3 are doing away with branding the phone with their own apps and instead just launching the phone as-is (although still SIM locked obviously). The 3 apps such as Skype, MSN etc will be launched through the Android Market instead.

There are also some details on tariffs (for new customers at least)

Price for new customers:

Pay Monthly – £35 Internet Texter plan – £35 per month, unlimited texts, unlimited internet, unlimited 3-to-3 calls and 750 minutes

Pay As You Go – £349.99

No details for existing customers but £349.99 for the phone is one of the cheapest in the UK.

Click here to read the full announcement. The blog team are very happy to answer questions so if you have any, go ask!


Will you get your HTC Desire this week?

March 24, 2010

Word has it that the mobile phone website will be receiving stock of the HTC Desire this Friday coming (26th March).

This could mean that you could have your HTC Desire as early as Saturday 27th if they get stock and ship the same day!

Before I carry on, I’m not being paid by to write this, I’m just trying to find the best deals I can!

The deals on the HTC Desire have certainly improved since they first started appearing online a month or so ago.

Mobiles HTC Desire

Free gifts offered with the HTC Desire

For example, you can now get the HTC Desire on Vodafone for free with 1200 minutes and unlimited texts with a free gift too. The example to the right shows you can select from £190 cashback, 14 months half price line rental or an Xbox 360 Elite to name a few. The best deal would be to cut your line rental for 14 months and you’d save £280 in total which isn’t half bad.


HTC Desire coming to 3 (Three) UK “mid/late April”

March 22, 2010

The official news from 3 (Three) UK is that they will be offering the HTC Desire but not until mid/late April.

3 Three Logo

3 - Can you wait for the HTC Desire?

The team who run the 3 Blog have been listening to the comments of their customers to offer more of the latest phones on their network.

Having only been with 3 for about a year I was surprised to hear that they’re not the best operator for offering the latest and greatest phones on their network (I got my Nokia N97 on the day of release after all) so this is obviously a big thing for them.

Here’s what they said on the matter earlier today:

HTC Desire – We’ve already said we’re ranging this one. It’s one of the most exciting handsets of the year and we’re over the moon to be ranging it. It’ll launch on 3 mid/late April. We won’t be the first to market but we won’t be as late as we have been with other big phones in the past. Our pricing will be competitive…

So hold on 3 customers, you may be envious of T-Mobile users (as I am) but if you can wait a couple more weeks then you should be able to get the phone for free on a £35 a month contract. Don’t forget you’ll get free Skype, MSN and Spotify. No word on pre-orders yet though.

Worth the wait? Possibly, can I wait? Not sure… :s


3 UK to sell 6 new Android phones pre-bundled with Spotify

March 13, 2010 have managed to chat to David Kerrigan (head of 3 UK’s Internet services) about the new handsets coming to 3 in the next couple of months.

It seems they really want to push the whole “free” Spotify thing too as it will be included on all future Android phones. This means free, unlimited streaming of music through Spotify on your HTC Desire! 😀 If that’s not enough to make you wet your pants then you will also get the usual free Skype, MSN Messenger and Facebook too (although I’m sure you’ll only be using Friendstream for that).

Spotify Logo

Spotify - Coming to 3 UK's Android Lineup

Below is a quote from the man himself:

“The Spotify application will be available on all Android devices we launch on the network. These applications have been important in driving mobile data and will be available as an add-on for all contract tariffs going forward”

And click here to read the whole article on


HTC Desire Coming to the 3 network

February 24, 2010

Although this news is a few days old now, it is still a rather exciting prospect. I am currently on the 3 network myself and therefore have free Skype, MSN Messenger and Twitter.

If I can get myself a Desire through 3 then this will be happy days. I’m sure it would boost 3’s customer base too as the Desire is likely to be a big hit (seeing as all the other UK operators have jumped on the band wagon).

Skype on 3

Skype would work free on '3'

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