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The HTC Desire – a year on. Android Vs Symbian

January 30, 2011

OK so it’s been nearly 365 days (a year) since I drove well over 60 miles to pick up my HTC Desire.

Being a Symbian man through-and-through, little did I know it was to change the way I lived and worked.


HTC Desire coming to 3 (Three) UK “mid/late April”

March 22, 2010

The official news from 3 (Three) UK is that they will be offering the HTC Desire but not until mid/late April.

3 Three Logo

3 - Can you wait for the HTC Desire?

The team who run the 3 Blog have been listening to the comments of their customers to offer more of the latest phones on their network.

Having only been with 3 for about a year I was surprised to hear that they’re not the best operator for offering the latest and greatest phones on their network (I got my Nokia N97 on the day of release after all) so this is obviously a big thing for them.

Here’s what they said on the matter earlier today:

HTC Desire – We’ve already said we’re ranging this one. It’s one of the most exciting handsets of the year and we’re over the moon to be ranging it. It’ll launch on 3 mid/late April. We won’t be the first to market but we won’t be as late as we have been with other big phones in the past. Our pricing will be competitive…

So hold on 3 customers, you may be envious of T-Mobile users (as I am) but if you can wait a couple more weeks then you should be able to get the phone for free on a £35 a month contract. Don’t forget you’ll get free Skype, MSN and Spotify. No word on pre-orders yet though.

Worth the wait? Possibly, can I wait? Not sure… :s


Comparing the HTC Desire, iPhone 3GS and Nokia N97

March 1, 2010

Esato have a good phone comparison tool which I’ve set up to compare these 3 giants with each other. Although no entirely accurate (e.g. the N97 does have an RSS reader and games ‘are’ applicable) it gives you a good quick view into how they compete with each other spec-wise.

Click here to view the comparison

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