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HTC Desire S coming in April for O2 customers

March 1, 2011

O2 have added a “coming soon” page for the newly announced HTC Desire S.

Said to be arriving in April, are there enough ‘key features’ to get you tempted?

Key Features

  • Sense 2.1 with cloud support and Gingerbread OS
  • Front facing camera
  • Capture & Share in HD with a 720p camera
  • Record video at 30 frames per second
  • Aluminum uni-body design

Tomorrow I’ll do a little comparison between the HTC Desire and the Desire S so you can help make a better decision. My initial guess is no, there won’t be a need to update – not yet anyway.


HTC Desire finally out for O2 customers

May 14, 2010
HTC Desire Small

Hi O2 customers, I'm finally here!

You poor souls, having to wait nearly 2 months after T-Mobile launched the Desire way back in March. Anyway, O2 customers can now finally get their hands on the HTC Desire after a huge delay.

Prices start at £30 a month for 100 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data with the handset costing £99. Total cost over 18 months would work out at £639

This isn’t a brilliant deal to be honest and is a little bit disappointing from O2. There are much better deals from other networks so unless you really have to stick with O2 for some reason – move to someone else and save your money.


HTC Desire delayed on the O2 network

April 29, 2010
HTC Desire Small

You're gonna have to wait a bit longer if you're on O2

I do pitty those poor O2 customers. O2 have announced on their blog that the phone will not be available until at least mid-May.

Originally planned for a late April release, it seems they’re just too busy to get the phone out to their customers:

“Unfortunately the testing we carry out to make sure the phone’s ready for launch has taken longer than we had hoped, meaning we won’t be able to launch it at the end of April like we originally planned.”

A pretty poor excuse if you ask me. Either they’ve been too busy playing with the phone because it’s so good that they forgot to get it ready for their customers or maybe the ash cloud has had a knock-on effect?

O2 speaks up – HTC Desire coming next month (April)

March 30, 2010

O2 has finally confirmed it’ll be releasing the HTC Desire this April as the phone appeared in the latest O2 Phone Catalogue.

O2 has been pretty quiet on the Desire front so far but it seems that it’s not afraid to publish the phone in its periodical mag.

O2 Phone Mag

O2 Phone Mag showing the HTC Desire

No word on pricing or tarrifs yet but they’ll be online soon hopefully either via the O2 website or through Carphonewarehouse.


Will you get your HTC Desire this week?

March 24, 2010

Word has it that the mobile phone website will be receiving stock of the HTC Desire this Friday coming (26th March).

This could mean that you could have your HTC Desire as early as Saturday 27th if they get stock and ship the same day!

Before I carry on, I’m not being paid by to write this, I’m just trying to find the best deals I can!

The deals on the HTC Desire have certainly improved since they first started appearing online a month or so ago.

Mobiles HTC Desire

Free gifts offered with the HTC Desire

For example, you can now get the HTC Desire on Vodafone for free with 1200 minutes and unlimited texts with a free gift too. The example to the right shows you can select from £190 cashback, 14 months half price line rental or an Xbox 360 Elite to name a few. The best deal would be to cut your line rental for 14 months and you’d save £280 in total which isn’t half bad.


HTC Desire – Also in Silver

March 17, 2010

I must admit, I wasn’t too keen on the silver version of the HTC Desire when I first saw it. It seems to have grown on me now though and I’m actually verging on the edge of preferring it over the black version.

Not sure whether us Brits will get the silver, black or both version of the Desire but I suppose that’ll be down to the operators to decide.

Here are my completely random predictions based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever:

Vodafone: Silver
T-Mobile: Black
Orange: Black
O2: Black
3: Silver

For some pretty exciting screenshots of both side-by-side, take a look at this site


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