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HTC Desire S available in the UK end of March

March 9, 2011

The website Clove are reporting that they will receive stock of the HTC Desire S in the last week of March. This is earlier than previously expected and other shops where you can pre-order the phone still give an April 18th release date.

The HTC Desire S handset on the Clove website is on sale at £406.80 including VAT which is a bit more expensive than Amazon who have it up for £399.99. Mind you, if you are wanting to buy the phone then an extra £6.81 to get it nearly 3 weeks earlier is probably worth it.

Is it time to upgrade yet? If you’re not sure then read my blog post comparing the HTC Desire to the HTC Desire S


3 (Three) UK announce the HTC Desire S for April

March 6, 2011

3 Three LogoJoining the O2 bandwagon, Three have now also announced that the HTC Desire S will be heading to their network in April. Although no date is set you can subscribe to receive a notification when the phone starts to ship.

No pricing plans yet but I’ll be sure to post some up when they come out. Being an ex-3 customer they often have some very very good deals…





HTC Desire HD now available from 3 UK (Three)

October 29, 2010

3 Three LogoFor those who want to get themselves a beefed-up Desire; 3 have started accepting orders for the HD version of the Desire for shipment on 2nd November.

From ‘as little’ as £35 a month you can get a free handset with 500 minutes, 1GB of Internet and 5000 texts (who uses that many texts?!). This is all based on a whopping 24 month contract however so be sure of what you’re doing before you sign up. This is by no way the best deal out there but if you’re stuck with 3 it’s the best you’re going to get in the short term.

Check out 3’s HTC page here for more info


HTC Desire delayed on the O2 network

April 29, 2010
HTC Desire Small

You're gonna have to wait a bit longer if you're on O2

I do pitty those poor O2 customers. O2 have announced on their blog that the phone will not be available until at least mid-May.

Originally planned for a late April release, it seems they’re just too busy to get the phone out to their customers:

“Unfortunately the testing we carry out to make sure the phone’s ready for launch has taken longer than we had hoped, meaning we won’t be able to launch it at the end of April like we originally planned.”

A pretty poor excuse if you ask me. Either they’ve been too busy playing with the phone because it’s so good that they forgot to get it ready for their customers or maybe the ash cloud has had a knock-on effect?

3 UK struggling to cope with demand for the HTC Desire

April 19, 2010

It seems that my old network 3 are having problems with the supply and demand for the HTC Desire.

I was previously a 3 customer until I saw the incredible deal that T-Mobile were offering so jumped ship and haven’t looked back since. However, if you’re still on 3 then you’ll be interested to know that you might not receive your HTC Desire tomorrow if you placed your upgrade order from 16th April.

3 Three Logo

3 - Can you wait for the HTC Desire?


HTC Desire is a sell-out

April 13, 2010

It seems supply cannot meet demand as far as the HTC Desire is concerned. Both T-Mobile and Vodafone are struggling to supply the handsets both in-store and online.

Frustrated customers are venting their spleens online about the companies fobbing them off with different excuses.

Very glad I managed to get mine while there were some left! 🙂

The other networks are yet to even have the phone on their websites so it’ll be interesting to see how they get on over the next week or so. Anyone received a Desire from Virgin Mobile?


Vodafone announce HTC Desire release date: 8th April 2010

March 31, 2010
Vodafone Logo

Vodafone stocking the HTC Desire from 8th April 2010

Vodafone have finally confirmed the release date for the HTC Desire. On Thursday 8th April you’ll be able to skip on down to your local store and pick one up (even though they announced yesterday they would be stocking it from 2nd April).

It seems those who have pre-ordered might not actually get their phones until the 13th April however so if you want to make sure you get one on time, get yourself into your local Vodafone shop.

If you can’t be bothered to wait another 8 days for the phone then you can obviously still order it on the Vodafone network from Carphonewarehouse or somewhere similar.


O2 speaks up – HTC Desire coming next month (April)

March 30, 2010

O2 has finally confirmed it’ll be releasing the HTC Desire this April as the phone appeared in the latest O2 Phone Catalogue.

O2 has been pretty quiet on the Desire front so far but it seems that it’s not afraid to publish the phone in its periodical mag.

O2 Phone Mag

O2 Phone Mag showing the HTC Desire

No word on pricing or tarrifs yet but they’ll be online soon hopefully either via the O2 website or through Carphonewarehouse.


Vodafone now accepting pre-orders of the HTC Desire in the UK [Updated]

March 30, 2010

Vodafone are said to now be accepting pre-orders of the HTC Desire.

The Vodafone HTC Desire will come pre-loaded with the usual Vodafone gubbins – Vodafone 360 – giving customers access to services like Vodafone Music and MyWeb.

Although the Vodafone site has not been updated yet, you can order the phone through the Carphonewarehouse website.

[edit] The Vodafone store has now been updated and you can pre-order the phone from here

There are 87(?!) plans to choose from so check out which one is best for you.

Vodafone pre-order

Vodafone pre-order page is now online!


*25 minute* HTC Desire unboxing video!!

March 27, 2010

OK so the whole video doesn’t involve someone taking 25 minutes to open a box but it is nonetheless a new unboxing video for the HTC Desire.

The video also goes on to give the Desire a once over in detail so, if you found yourself without a T-Mobile Desire this morning then you can at least make yourself feel a bit worse by watching this video:


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