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HTC Desire running Android Gingerbread 2.3.3 rom (HD)

March 15, 2011

Hi all, have just uploaded a new video going through some of the features and improvements on Gingerbread which I have running on my HTC Desire. Take a look below and let me know what you think!

Click here for the full-HD version: HTC Desire running Android Gingerbread 2.3.3 rom (HD)


New HTC Desire System/Firmware Update out today v

June 8, 2010

Thanks to Dale for the head’s-up, T-Mobile UK customers can now upgrade their Desires to the latest HTC firmware which happens to be version and weighs in at 24.41MB. This is a different version to what I reported the other day – perhaps due to operator/network branded changes…

To check for and download the update, simply go to Settings -> About phone -> System software updates and then press “Check now”. If the update is showing then you get the choice to download it via your phone’s network or via WiFi-only. Best to do the Wifi-only if you’re not in a good 3G area (and if you want to save on bandwidth if you don’t have an unlimited data plan.

Will post any further noticeable updates as and when I spot them.

Happy updating! 🙂

[Edit] It seems that you must have a well-charged battery to install the update. I’ve got 18% left but it won’t let me upgrade until the battery is charged enough…

[Edit] With 27% battery it let me start the update. The updater automatically backs up your settings and data and then reboots to the update mode – your phone is not usable during this time. Funky green update screen though 😉

[Edit] After allowing the phone to update (the process took about 10 minutes in total and there were several restarts) I finally got to the Homescreen to restore my backed up data from the SD card. The restore took AGES to perform and the phone was pretty much unusable during this process. After leaving it for a good 25 minutes (it only took about a minute to back up my data initially) I decided it was time to pull the battery. Upon un-locking the screen I had a message saying “HTC Sense” was “not responding. Force close / Wait” !! Right well, case off and battery out. Waited 60 seconds and re-started the phone. So far, I don’t seem to have lost anything but it wasn’t quite the smooth experience I was hoping for. I’m sure it was just me but thought I’d make you aware!


HTC Desire software update next week for T-Mobile customers

April 8, 2010

T-Mobile have just confirmed that the recently released HTC Desire firmware update will be available to their customers as of next week.

There is still not a huge amount on what this update improves/fixes but T-Mobile are “working hard” to make sure the customers receive it without any problems:

HTC Desire OTA Update Information.
Posted: 26 minutes ago

T-Mobile recently launched the HTC Desire and the phone has been very well received by our customers. We are aware that HTC is planning to release a new software update and we are currently working with them to provide an ‘over the air’ update for customers with an earlier version. The update will happen in the coming week and we’ll keep you posted on any developments as and when we have them.

T-Mobile Forum Team.

It’s nice to see T-Mobile actively supporting the phone. I’ve had way too many experiences of waiting months for a firmware/software update to be made available by my network.

Good on you T-Mobile!


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