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Amazon Appstore UK still not available to download

September 20, 2011

Rumours on the grape vine were that Amazon quietly unleashed the Amazon Appstore for people who don’t happen to live in the US.

I can confirm however that this is just not true. Not for UK users anyway (see below)

Amazon App Store not available in the UK download

You can still access it via other means however but it may still be some time before we see it accept our hard-earned British pounds as Amazon haven’t announced anything yet 😦


New Android Market out soon – US gets movies and books; UK gets nothing

July 22, 2011

I’m not here to moan, just to update you on the new Market app that will be rolling out soon to our Desires. Google announced it a few weeks back and we have yet to receive it over here.

Those lucky US folk will be able to rent movies and purchase books from the new Market which is a pretty cool thing. All these movies can be streamed almost instantly through the Videos app which comes pre-installed on nearly all recent Android phones. Rentals start at $1.99 which is a pretty good price if you’re only going to be watching the odd movie here or there.

Books will also now be available to download and buy through the Market but what app they’re opened in wasn’t clear. Google are copying Amazon’s excellent Whisper-Sync idea meaning that your downloaded books will be available on all your Android devices no matter where you are.

Apart from these two changes the only other things different with the app are the general look and layout. It looks suspiciously like the Amazon App Store which I’m not sure is a good thing really.

The other thing to note of course is that for the rest of the world who don’t live in the US (yes there are a few of us) we will not see any of these new services in the near future. This is most likely down to some licensing restrictions which will hopefully be sorted out pronto so I can watch Harry Potter whilst on my morning commute*

Have a look at these screenshots anyway and see what you think.

New Android Market Editors Choice
New Android Market 2011

*I don’t commute and I don’t like Harry Potter

PopCap’s Peggle for Android out tomorrow?

June 17, 2011

PopCap tweeted earlier today that Peggle would be out to download for Android “very soon…”

This is likely to mean tomorrow if my calculations are correct – and quite possibly for free too. Sadly it’s going to be another Amazon App Store exlcusive for the time being but you know there’s a way around that for the rest of us who DON’T live in the USA.

To recap on what Peggle is follow my article from last year on some of the best PopCap games.

Plants Vs Zombies Android out tomorrow for US

May 16, 2011

PopCap announced earlier tonight that Plants Vs Zombies and Chuzzle would be exclusively hitting the Amazon App Store for US customers tomorrow (16h May) – for FREE!

This is very sad news for us European customers as the Amazon App Store is STILL not available to us. What have we done to be treated like this? PopCap have not announced if or when the games will be available through the Android Market which obviously has the larger user base. Perhaps like Angry Birday Rio it’ll just be an exclusive for a few weeks or something?

So close yet so far to having Plants Vs Zombies on my HTC Desire.

Plants Vs Zombies Android

It's in sight but not in reach just yet for UK users

Amazon App Store site and prices leaked

March 19, 2011

amazonappstoreThe bored Germans over at Android News were messing around on the Amazon website a few days back and stumbled upon the holding page for Amazon’s new app store.

The page at was later taken offline but that didn’t stop Frank from Android News taken a few screenshots and even creating a nice little table comparing the prices of Amazon’s store to Google’s Market.

The prices don’t look too dissimilar to the Market but obviously Amazon have some exclusive titles and are able to accept more payment methods than Google Checkout. There is even a rumour that the Amazon App Store will launch on the 22nd March but we will have to wait and find out. For more information and some sneaky screenshots be sure to check out Android News’ post on the matter.

New ‘Angry Birds Rio’ will be exclusive to Android via Amazon App Store

March 14, 2011

Amazon have bagged exclusive rights to distribute the next version of Angry Birds: Angry Birds Rio. It will be launched through Amazon’s very own app store on the 22nd March (according to Rovio – the developers)

Why is this such a big deal? Well, Angry Birds on Android has sold 30 million copies alone so Amazon having exclusive rights to distribute this sure-to-be-sought-after new version can only mean a good launch for Amazon’s new store.

How well the store will hold up is yet to be seen as it faces stiff competition from Google’s Market.

See below for teaser trailer for the upcoming game.

‘Amazon Appstore’ coming to Android

January 9, 2011

amazonappstoreAmazon have plans to release their own ‘Appstore’ for the Android mobile operating system.

The Apps on Amazon’s store will go through a testing and approval process before being allowed on the store. This is similar to the way Microsoft handle their Indie Games, Arcade games on the Xbox 360 – and yes, how Apple go about their App Store.

Amazon hope to takle the problems Google have experienced with their Market application and its quality control – Sexy Girls Wallpapers anyone?!

Here is what the Amazon Appstore team had to say:

At Amazon, we start with the customer and work backwards, and we’re always looking for ways to improve the customer experience.  The sheer number of apps available today makes it hard for customers to find high-quality, relevant products – and developers similarly struggle to get their apps noticed.  Amazon’s innovative marketing and merchandising features are designed to help customers find and discover relevant products from our vast selection, and we’re excited to apply those capabilities to the apps market segment.

This can only be good news for us Android users as it promises high quality apps and therefore, in theory, high quality developers to develop for the OS. We can expect to see the Appstore hit our phones late this year.  Head over to the Amazon Appstore Dev page for more info

300 apps a day brings the Android Market to 100,000 apps

October 26, 2010
Android Market PayPal

Android Market accepting PayPal soon? Let's hope so.

Back in March the Android Market had just 30,000 apps. I say “just” but that’s obviously still a huge amount. Since then there has been an average of 300 apps released each day onto the Market which yesterday officially brought the total to over 100,000. I say officially because Google announced it on their official Twitter page. Androlib had reported the 100,000 mark a few months back but it wasn’t official.

So, although we’re ‘still 180,000’ apps behind the iPhone App Store I don’t think this is a bad thing. The main problem the Market has had is the limiting payment methods which hopefully the inclusion of PayPal will clear up. Once PayPal payments are integrated into the Market I think we’ll see more developers come aboard as it’ll allow users from other countries to finally purchase apps.

I have had my fair share of problems with PayPal but I think overall it’ll definitely improve the wages of the developers who spend so much time making apps for us to waste spend our time on.


Copy protected apps now available in the Android Market

April 24, 2010
Android Market

Android Market, getting bigger every month...

I’m not sure if someone has just flicked a switch or something but it seems that copy protected apps are now showing up on my HTC Desire. I still have the stock T-Mobile rom but I can now search and install apps that were previously unavailable – Gem Miner: Dig Deeper being the best example.

There is a good way to test if your phone can browse copy protected apps in the Market too. Simply do a search for copy protection test and see what results you get. If you see an app called TopMarket Test – Copy Protected by TopiXoft then you too can now enjoy the copy protected apps in the Market.

Other notable now apps appearing are HOME RUN BATTLE 3D, Battle For Mars and Jewelllust

I still can’t find Google Earth however so we’re not quite there yet in terms of full compatibility but I’ll be happy now I’ve got some more apps to play with.


3 UK struggling to cope with demand for the HTC Desire

April 19, 2010

It seems that my old network 3 are having problems with the supply and demand for the HTC Desire.

I was previously a 3 customer until I saw the incredible deal that T-Mobile were offering so jumped ship and haven’t looked back since. However, if you’re still on 3 then you’ll be interested to know that you might not receive your HTC Desire tomorrow if you placed your upgrade order from 16th April.

3 Three Logo

3 - Can you wait for the HTC Desire?


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