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HTC Desire up for “Phone of the Year” and “Gadget of the Year” on

June 5, 2010

The UK magazine T3 have got the HTC Desire up for “Phone of the Year” and “Gadget of the Year” on their website.

Be sure to vote for your favourite phone and gadget (because you also get entered for a chance to win…er.. an iPad..). Actually I had a play with a friend’s iPad a couple of days back and they are very nice machines although I couldn’t ever see myself buying one now I have a Desire 😉

So for those of you who don’t want to see Apple win yet another award for gadget and phone of the year, make sure you cast your votes!


Win an HTC Desire!

June 1, 2010 are running another competition for the chance to win an HTC Desire mobile phone. All you have to do is answer a very simple question (check out Wikipedia if you’re not sure on the answer 😉 )

Click here to enter the T3 HTC Desire competition, good luck!


A detailed HTC Desire review from UK T3 Magazine

March 31, 2010

T3 have published a more detailed review of the HTC Desire on their site. They have acknowledged that the Desire is an iPhone-beater (not killer because you can’t kill a phone that’s already sold millions can you?).

Here are a few snippets:

Right now, let’s put aside that dumb phrase “iPhone killer”. The fact that a phone is better than Apple’s all-conquering, landscape-changing, gadget-genre-inventing device doesn’t “kill” it, any more than Chelsea defeating Man United means that that particular football team is dispatched to the Araldite Glue League (Northern Area). But make no mistake: this phone is better than the iPhone.

As we mentioned, the Desire is one of the most powerful Android phones on offer, and it shows when you pick it up for the first time. It reacts to your slightest touch, slipping between home screens without a hint of slowdown, and allowing you to open multiple applications without destroying the user experience.



Black HTC Desire exclusive to Orange customers this April

March 30, 2010

If you had your hopes set on getting the fancy black version of the HTC Desire then you’d better hope you’re an Orange customer.

Orange have struck a deal with HTC to be the only operator to offer the HTC Desire in black.

Apparently though you’ll have to wait until the end of April to get your hands on it…

More info here:


HTC Legend review – the Desire’s little brother

March 9, 2010

Those of you still wondering whether to get the Desire or the Legend should check out T3’s excellent little write up of the HTC Legend.

HTC Legend

HTC Legend - Reviewed on


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