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Worms Android App Full Review (HTC Desire S) HD

September 11, 2011

Hi guys and gals, today I’m looking at the brilliant Worms for Android. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

If you’re old like me then you may remember the first ever Worms game. Released fully in 1995  Team17 on the Commodore Amiga. Team17 are a British company which formed in 1990.

Due to its overwhelming popularity it then saw release on a strew of other consoles. In fact, I think Worms has probably been released on EVERY SINGLE PLATFORM EVER…oh apart from the 3DO of course.

worms android screenshot 4Worms is a turn-based game that sees you pit your wits against a number of computer (or human) controlled teams. This is as close to real war as you’re going to get. No wait I’m thinking of Battlefield 3…

Each player starts off with a group of worms and take it in turns to use whichever tools or weapons they have at their disposal to defeat the enemy teams. You move your worms around the randomly generated landscape to find the best position to attack from.

Each weapon has its plus and negative points. Some are affected by weather conditions and others are prone to that thing called gravity. Experienced players soon learn which weapon to use in which circumstance and the winner of the game is the person who has the last worm(s) standing.

I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality of the Android version of the game. The graphics are very crisp, clear and smooth and it has a real ‘solid’ feel to it.

worms android screenshot 2The wacky sound effects are back and the music reflects the type of landscape you are currently playing on. Some of the remarks the worms give you will make you chuckle but you’ll forget about all the laughing when someone unleashes a Granny on you. Yes, the Granny, Sheep and Banana bomb are all present here. In fact, all the main weapons are available in this pocket-sized version of the game.

I found the controls to be very good and responsive. There were quite a few complaints from users on the Market but I think they must just be doing something wrong. I can easily navigate my worms around the landscapes without any issues (other than my own stupidity).

For 59p you can’t really go wrong. It is a shame there is no online play but perhaps this is something Team17 could add in Worms 2…

worms android screenshot 3 worms android screenshot 5

worms android screenshot 1

worms android screenshot 6


How to install a new ROM on your HTC Desire S [HD] Step-by-step tutorial

August 18, 2011

Hello lovely people, I hope you’re all well.

If you followed my video a few days back you should have successfully rooted your HTC Desire S. So what now? Well you’ll probably want to install a custom ROM on the phone.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be up and running in no time! These steps will also work on the HTC Desire and Desire HD.

What you will need:
1 HTC Desire S phone
1 Cup of coffee

Step 1:
Install ROM Manager from the Android Market

Step 2:
Load ROM Manager and click the top link to flash the ClockworkMod Recovery tool. Just make sure you have the latest version installed.

Step 3:
Click on Download ROM from with ROM Manager and find a ROM that you want to install. I chose the Saga LBC Mod ROM which had some good reviews. Select the version you wish to download v0.5.3 is the one I installed in the video. Select to download the ROM without the keyboard arrows.

Step 4:
Once the ROM has downloaded it will ask you 3 questions. Tick all 3 boxes to be safe and then press OK. Your phone will now reboot and start the ROM installation process

Step 5:
Start drinking your coffee

Step 6:
After about 10 minutes the new ROM should have been installed and booted up. All done!

Any questions can be asked below in the comments.

Amazon to add audio and video to its Android Kindle app?

April 28, 2011

“Why doesn’t the Android Kindle app support audio and video?”. This is what I asked myself yesterday when about to purchase a rather expensive book from the Kindle store.

I noticed the book I was interested in also had an edition that included audio and video clips but that it was only supported on “iPhone and iPad”. Why? Well I had to find out so I contacted Amazon to try and find out. They responded back very quickly and here’s what they had to say:


Thank you for writing to with your valuable suggestions.

I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying your Kindle app! It’s always gratifying to know when we’ve succeeded.

I’ll make sure your feedback is passed on to the Kindle development team.

I’ve forwarded your suggestions about implementing audio and video for Kindle for Android to our development team and we’ll consider your feedback as we plan further improvements. We’re regularly working on improvements to your Kindle experience.  I’ve let the Kindle team know you’re interested in this feature.

It is always important for us to hear how customers react to all aspects. Your valuable feedback will help us to improve the selection and service we provide and we’re glad you took time to write to us.

We do value the feedback of our customers and make every attempt to integrate their comments or suggestions into our stores and procedures.

As always, please feel free to contact us should you have future suggestions, questions or comments. We have team of experts who takes into consideration each and every feedback of our customers and brings them into practice.

Thank you using Kindle.

Well very polite I must admit. I just can’t see why the Android app hasn’t been updated to support these features yet. I know my Desire can handle any audio/video that an iPhone can. Hopefully they will listen and add this feature in a future update.

In the mean time I will stick to good old-fashioned reading with my eyes.

The HTC Desire – a year on. Android Vs Symbian

January 30, 2011

OK so it’s been nearly 365 days (a year) since I drove well over 60 miles to pick up my HTC Desire.

Being a Symbian man through-and-through, little did I know it was to change the way I lived and worked.

The Sims 3 Android App Review (HTC Desire) + HD Video

January 3, 2011

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

2011 is bound to be an exciting year for Android devices and with the HTC Desire and Desire HD going strong we can expect to see some great games.

The first of these great games is The Sims 3 from EA Mobile which I have reviewed below. I have also put in my video review below for those of you who can’t read.




HTC Desire Mobile Data hints and tips for roaming abroad

December 9, 2010

Hi all. I’ve put together a new video with some hints on how to decrease your mobile data usage whilst abroad. Obviously you can just disable Mobile Data altogether but some of us have to be able to e-mail/tweet whilst abroad.

HTC Desire HD Review – 9/10

October 27, 2010

HTC Desire have posted a lovely review for the lovely HTC Desire HD. Will you be upgrading your ‘old’ Desire and making way for its bigger brother? Personally I’m going to stick with my non-HD Desire as it is just about the right size for me. Any bigger, as the HD obviously is, and I wouldn’t be able to fit it in some of the jeans I wear.

Be sure to check out Pocket-Lint’s review and let me know what you think. Is it worth the upgrade to get the 8MP camera with 720p recording? Do you really need SRS sound on your phone? Are your hands big enough?

Here are a few snippets from the review:

The build quality is exemplary; the luscious metal body nestles comfortably in a large hand, the soft curves of the edges providing enough grip without introducing any hard lines. It’s more comfortable to hold than the iPhone 4 and more comfortable to make calls with thanks to softer top line, but the size – 123 x 68 x 11.8mm – will make it difficult to use for those with smaller hands.

Of course, the source of your content to share may well be the video camera on the back. Bumping up the megapixels to 8 (and having a noticeably larger physical lens than the 5-megapixel HD7), you also get video capture at 720p HD at 30fps. In daylight the results are very good too, with a solid frame rate and an acceptable level of detail. The video capture also offers in-video focusing, which is a bit of a rare feature. Some phones will offer continuous autofocus, but in the case of the Desire HD, you can touch the screen to refocus on a particular point. There is a delay and it hunts a little before hitting to focal point, so it will never give you slick focus pulls, but to re-centre on the action it will see you right.


The UK HTC Desire outdoor video test #1

April 8, 2010

Thought I’d have a stroll around the work campus and test out the video camera (and get some much needed rays upon my pale complexion at the same time).

Here is how I had the video set up:

White Balance: Auto
Resolution: WVGA (800×480)
Encoding type: MPEG4
Metering mode: Average
Flicker adjustment: Auto
Auto focus: OFF

I decided to turn off the auto focus to try and get a smoother video and I think it seemed to work quite well. Make sure you view the 480p version 😉

What do you think? Were you expecting more from the HTC Desire? I was quite impressed myself but haven’t played with the video function too much yet. Will post some more when I get a chance.


Funny Metro newspaper review of the HTC Desire

March 30, 2010

Metro have published a surprisingly good review of the HTC Desire on their website. The only reason I’m surprised it’s good is because the Metro is a free paper in the UK that you get given to read on train journeys.

There’s also a hand-on video which is worth a look, I actually laughed out loud a few times whilst watching it – it’s nice to see someone review the phone and make funnies at the same time. Here’s a few of my favourite quotes:

You see there it’s got up the New York Times webpage, frankly uh, who wants to look at that? It’s a boring newspaper with lots of facts.


…which as far as I can tell is basically magic!


*25 minute* HTC Desire unboxing video!!

March 27, 2010

OK so the whole video doesn’t involve someone taking 25 minutes to open a box but it is nonetheless a new unboxing video for the HTC Desire.

The video also goes on to give the Desire a once over in detail so, if you found yourself without a T-Mobile Desire this morning then you can at least make yourself feel a bit worse by watching this video:


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