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Vodafone start charging for out-of-bundle data usage on the HTC Desire

May 8, 2010
Vodafone Logo

Vodafone customers who joined a 2 year £35/month contract with their Desire will only have had a data bundle of 500MB.

This wouldn’t have been a problem up until Thursday when Vodafone announced they will now start charging customers who go over their 500MB limit. Previously Vodafone would not worry about this happening because apparently only 3% of customers ever go over this limit.

Now phones like the Desire are even more “online” it’s evident that this is causing Vodafone to panic somewhat. Here’s what was posted on the Vodafone forum:

We are planning to introduce Out Of Bundle charging for Pay Monthly customers from 1st June 2010. The reason we’re introducing these charges is to make it fairer for everyone, and to protect our network from data abuse. We’re introducing a real-time notifications service to be completely transparent about these charges and keep customers in control of their spend. No Out Of Bundle charges will happen this month but they will take effect from 1st June. The messages you’ve received this month were sent in error and no more will be sent out from today.

The charging will be as follows:

Monthly bundle customers will pay £5 for every 500MB after the first 500MB
Customers without a monthly bundle will pay 50p for every 10MB after the first 25MB


HTC Desire is a sell-out

April 13, 2010

It seems supply cannot meet demand as far as the HTC Desire is concerned. Both T-Mobile and Vodafone are struggling to supply the handsets both in-store and online.

Frustrated customers are venting their spleens online about the companies fobbing them off with different excuses.

Very glad I managed to get mine while there were some left! 🙂

The other networks are yet to even have the phone on their websites so it’ll be interesting to see how they get on over the next week or so. Anyone received a Desire from Virgin Mobile?


Cheapest UK price for the HTC Desire on Pay As You Go — £348.99!

March 31, 2010

Just browsing that Interweb thing when I came across the following:

Cheapest HTC Desire Price in the UK

Cheapest HTC Desire Price in the UK

Now, I’m not sure whether the phone would be locked to T-Mobile (it most likely is) but surely this is a complete steal?!

Can the HTC Desire be unlocked yet? I don’t know but it’s very tempting to get one of these just for when it can.

What’s more is the phone is apparently in stock (although you have to allow up to 3 working days for delivery)

Check out the deals on the Mobile Phones Direct website


Vodafone announce HTC Desire release date: 8th April 2010

March 31, 2010
Vodafone Logo

Vodafone stocking the HTC Desire from 8th April 2010

Vodafone have finally confirmed the release date for the HTC Desire. On Thursday 8th April you’ll be able to skip on down to your local store and pick one up (even though they announced yesterday they would be stocking it from 2nd April).

It seems those who have pre-ordered might not actually get their phones until the 13th April however so if you want to make sure you get one on time, get yourself into your local Vodafone shop.

If you can’t be bothered to wait another 8 days for the phone then you can obviously still order it on the Vodafone network from Carphonewarehouse or somewhere similar.


Vodafone now accepting pre-orders of the HTC Desire in the UK [Updated]

March 30, 2010

Vodafone are said to now be accepting pre-orders of the HTC Desire.

The Vodafone HTC Desire will come pre-loaded with the usual Vodafone gubbins – Vodafone 360 – giving customers access to services like Vodafone Music and MyWeb.

Although the Vodafone site has not been updated yet, you can order the phone through the Carphonewarehouse website.

[edit] The Vodafone store has now been updated and you can pre-order the phone from here

There are 87(?!) plans to choose from so check out which one is best for you.

Vodafone pre-order

Vodafone pre-order page is now online!


Will you get your HTC Desire this week?

March 24, 2010

Word has it that the mobile phone website will be receiving stock of the HTC Desire this Friday coming (26th March).

This could mean that you could have your HTC Desire as early as Saturday 27th if they get stock and ship the same day!

Before I carry on, I’m not being paid by to write this, I’m just trying to find the best deals I can!

The deals on the HTC Desire have certainly improved since they first started appearing online a month or so ago.

Mobiles HTC Desire

Free gifts offered with the HTC Desire

For example, you can now get the HTC Desire on Vodafone for free with 1200 minutes and unlimited texts with a free gift too. The example to the right shows you can select from £190 cashback, 14 months half price line rental or an Xbox 360 Elite to name a few. The best deal would be to cut your line rental for 14 months and you’d save £280 in total which isn’t half bad.


Not feeling the love. Why don’t operators give us dates?

March 18, 2010

Surely in this day and age, companies (the phone operators in this case) no when they’re going to be releasing a product? They have meetings and set targets and probably drink tea and eat biscuits whilst doing so.

So why do they persist in annoying their loyal customers by not telling us things?


HTC Desire – Also in Silver

March 17, 2010

I must admit, I wasn’t too keen on the silver version of the HTC Desire when I first saw it. It seems to have grown on me now though and I’m actually verging on the edge of preferring it over the black version.

Not sure whether us Brits will get the silver, black or both version of the Desire but I suppose that’ll be down to the operators to decide.

Here are my completely random predictions based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever:

Vodafone: Silver
T-Mobile: Black
Orange: Black
O2: Black
3: Silver

For some pretty exciting screenshots of both side-by-side, take a look at this site


Vodafone’s exclusivity for the HTC Legend – NOT the Desire

March 15, 2010

A lot of people are tweeting that Vodafone in the UK have exclusivity on the HTC Desire and Legend – this is not true.

Vodafone may have it on the HTC Legend but certainly not the Desire; that’d just be darn crazy.

So panic over everyone, back to work.


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