Another HTC Desire firmware update on the way?

[Edit] 23/04/10 It seems this problem may be with certain apps that have copy-protection enabled (why all developers wouldn’t do this I don’t know). I don’t know of apps which aren’t showing up but it’s possibly what I saw a few weeks back when trying to find the full version of Gem Miner: Dig Deeper. [/Edit]

HTC have just released a firmware update (FOTA) for the HTC Legend which fixes problems between the Android Market and the phone’s camera.

Strange I know but apparently a lot of people have had this problem. Apps like Myspace Mobile and Barcode scanner were apparently not appearing on people’s Legends (and some say Desires).

I personally like to think I’m too old to worry about a Myspace app but the Barcode Reader is actually quite useful – both apps show up on my Desire btw.

Anyway, HTC will be sending the update out to Legend users as I type so look out for version 1.31.405.4. For more info, check out the HTC support website.

Android Market problem on the Legend

Android Market problem on the Legend - does your Desire have the same problem?



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8 Responses to “Another HTC Desire firmware update on the way?”

  1. Si Says:

    I’ve already downloaded the barcode scanner :/ so it was available for me.

    And when I got mine there was no update (this was after you posted about the first update, so I assumed I had it).

    • Jon Says:

      I think we must have received a “second batch” which came with the later firmware as I didn’t have to update either – not that I’m complaining!

  2. Dale Says:

    Both those apps appear for me, just wish google would approve the desire so some of the other apps appear on the marketplace.

    • Jon Says:

      What other apps do you mean?

      • thegadgetdude Says:

        I can’t get google earth to come up on mine, been a couple of others apps I’ve clicked via appaware/appbrain and then it’s not found on the market. I presume this is down to the google rom approval business. I’ve not found and update since i got mine, so i presume this will be the first update for me.

      • Jon Says:

        @thegadgetdude – Try searching for a protected app now, I think something has been fixed somewhere because they’ve started appearing on my phone. However, the big ones such as Google Earth and National Rail have not appeared. Gem Miner: Dig Deeper is now available though!

  3. Sally Says:

    Have you seen that Google are set to enable 802.11n on the Nexus One?

    Will the Desire see the same update, it has the same Broadcom chip doesn’t it?

    • Jon Says:

      Good spot, I don’t see why we wouldn’t see it on the Desire – in fact, I’m sure HTC would release this update before they do for the Nexus One seeing as it’s their own “baby”

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