HTC Desire Extended Battery 3200mAh Test

Mugen Power Battery 3200mAh HTC DesireThe very lovely people at Mugen Power Batteries have sent me an extended battery to test and review for the site.

I have always been dubious about un-official batteries after having quite a few bad experiences in the past so it was good to see @MugenBatteries offer me one of their products to test. A company coming to you to say how proud they are of their products is good to see so I will definitely be putting this to the test.

The HTC Desire comes with a could-have-been-better 1400mAh battery which means this Mugen battery has more than twice the capacity (in theory) than the stock one.

Mugen recommend charging the battery for 8-12 hours before the first use so it is currently sat in my desk charger in the bedroom. They also recommend charging and discharging it 4-5 times before the battery is good to go so the main test won’t be for a few days.

I’m really interested t0 see how the battery fares compared to the HTC one. Like I said, I have previously had problems with ‘non-official’ batteries so I really hope Mugen can pull something out of the bag.


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7 Responses to “HTC Desire Extended Battery 3200mAh Test”

  1. Anon Says:

    I’m intrigued to see the results of this. Particularly intrigued to see the size of the battery once it is in the phone though…

    • Jon Says:

      Yes it should prove interesting 😉 The phone will be slightly larger due to the bigger battery but I will put pics up when I review it 🙂

  2. Dave Says:

    So what are the results of this? Did the extended battery work under HTC Sense Froyo?
    My extended battery stopped charging as soon as I installed 2.2 and the battery icon went grey with a ! in the middle. Had to go back to the anemic stock battery.

  3. nigel Says:

    lets hope Mugen has sorted this

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